18th International Venice Architecture Biennale 2023


AKT collective and Hermann Czech design Austrian contribution

Partecipazione / Beteiligung


Andrea Mayer, State Secretary for Arts and Culture: "I am pleased to have AKT and Hermann Czech on board as a highly qualified, internationally networked and cross-generational team for the Architecture Biennale 2023. The vote for this team was unanimous. Their innovative and participatory concepts, the high quality of the proposed project, their theoretical and design approaches as well as concrete implementation plans are convincing. The AKT collective and Hermann Czech address questions relevant for the future – in their project they work in and with the city, they act inclusively while being mindful of sustainability. I wish this team success in the implementation of the contribution and look forward to a promising exhibition in 2023."

Under the title “Partecipazione / Beteiligung”, AKT and Hermann Czech are going to open up one half of the Austrian Pavilion towards the adjacent district and thus make it freely accessible to the people of Venice. By moving the boundary between the Biennale and the city, the focus is placed on the issue of disposition over space and the social impact of architecture.

The motto of the forthcoming Biennale “The Laboratory of the Future” seamlessly continues a series of titles focusing on the social responsibility of architecture. While the Biennale is very important for Venice, its spatial expansion also contributes to withdrawing larger and larger parts of the city from its residents.

In contrast, the Austrian contribution proposes to turn towards the people in co-operation with local initiatives. Thus, the Biennale is to live up to its political responsibility as a “laboratory of the future” in the city of Venice in addition to fulfilling its cultural role.




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Biennale Architettura 2023

The Laboratory of the Future

Exhibition: 20 May - 26 November 2023

Curator: Lesley Lokko


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