Project Team:
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13th Architecture
Biennale, Venice
29.8 – 25.11 2012
Giardini della
Biennale, Arsenale
Opening hours:
10am – 6pm
(closed on Monday)

Martin Perktold
Visual Concept, 3D Production

Martin Perktold was born in Rum near Innsbruck, in 1978. Following initial investigations into space as a student, he took up 3D art after getting his degree in "Digital Art" in the class of Peter Weibel at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. His approach is interdisciplinary, relying on experimentation to fuel the visual development process.

Since 2001, he has worked on web-, video-, and print concepts and solutions, together with Harald Kreimel and Georg Eckmayr.

In 2010, he and Mathias Reisigl founded a company specialising in architectural design and visualisation.

Rens Veltman
Visual Concept, Sound, Production Manager

Rens Veltman was born in 1952, in Schwaz, where he continues to reside. From 1972 to 1978 he studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the Salzburg Mozarteum, and the University of Industrial Design in Linz. In 2011, he received the Tyrol State Award for contemporary art; his work has been the subject of several exhibitions.

On many levels, Rens Veltman likes to explore the limitations of individual fields and he has positioned his work at the cross-section of graphic art, painting, transmedia and interactive art, as well as robotics. His unconventional use of various artistic techniques and strategies produces projects and works that oscillate between science, art, and fiction, and which frequently defy categorisation in established art terms.

Christina Jauernik
Spatial Concept, Narrative Concept, Project Coordination, Director

Christina Jauernik was born 1985 in Graz, studied contemporary dance at the Amsterdam School of the Arts in the Netherlands and Choreography and Visual Arts Practices at Dartington College of the Arts (GB), studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and the University of the Arts in Berlin. 2006 "danceweb scholarship".

Simon Oberhammer
Spatial Concept, Narrative Concept, Project Coordination, Director

Simon Oberhammer was born 1979, he studied architecture at the University of Innsbruck and the UTA Arlington, worked in architectural offices in Vienna, Barcelona and Oslo. He participated on the exhibition entitled Tiroler Gespinst ATRANS Pavilion, Berlin and the installation "Penelope" at "aut. architektur und tirol". Since 2010 he has worked with Wolfgang Tschapeller.


vizrt – Gerhard Lang
Hannes Feldkirchner, Christian Seidl

Motion Tracking
Frieder Weiss, Anita Pain

3D Photogrammetry
trigonos – Michael Moser

Ton + Bild – Martin Beck, Florian Frick
Martin Biegger

Animation Assistants
Wolfgang Schröck, Michael Wilhelm
Philip Ballinger

Local Architects
Troels Bruun, Luca Delise

Set Up
Veit Streli

Waagner­Biro – Hans Frey
Alois Karner, Novica Stojanovic
Otto Uferer

Alluvial – Oliver Reif, Christian Jackl
Andreas Scioia, Brendan Walden

Elisabeth Frenking, Thaddaeus Gotwald,
Karl Heinz Grill, Manuel Haas, Bernd Hanak
Hans Hauser, Julia Hitthaler, Khaled Kenawi
Sandra Klausner, Klara Klausner, Adeline Kometer
Annette Leja, Wolfgang Leja, Michael Moser
Inge Prünster, Michael Schiestl, Patrick Young
Carla Veltman, Bob Veltman, Rian Veltman
Anton Widauer, Hansi H., Petra Wellenstein