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> Position 1: Josef Lackner
> Position 2: PAUHOF architekten
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Position 2
PAUHOF architekten

...in architecture, form itself is inconceivable, limiting oneself to formal–aesthetic studies inefficient. If one takes the problems of the present seriously, inventions become imperative, one must strive to create new realities.

...our only stipulation for our work is that it contains an aspect of necessity, but also of foreignness - and that these are present to a degree that corresponds to reality.

...contrasts are preferable to artificial harmony, should the inevitable relationship between form and function demand such a decision.

...our work is an experiment in three-dimensional logic which produces implicating fields of tension and intensities. With the conception of buildings this is achieved via the incorporation of 'implied volumes. Closed, precisely determined areas for protected or private uses – unmistakably and clearly proportioned volumes - are superimposed on functionally underdetermined but, architectonically speaking, precisely calculated empty spaces which can be adapted to the constantly changing living conditions of the city. Structurally what is aimed for is the creation of a spatial relation between the individual and the collective.

PAUHOF architekten

Michael Hofstätter (born in 1953) and Wolfgang Pauzenberger (born in 1955) founded PAUHOF architekten in 1986. PAUHOF's activities consist of urban planning studies, experimental architecture projects, submissions to national and international competitions, exhibitions, group exhibitions, exhibition designs …

Urban Projects (selection)
Erste Campus, Vienna, 2008
Schwarzenbergplatz, Vienna, with Hans Kupelwieser, 1998
Rebuilding of the Souks of Beirut, 1994
La Cartuja Subestructura – Expo '92 grounds, Seville, Spain, 1992
German government quarter, Spreebogen, Berlin, 1992
Urban development Wien-Nord, Vienna, 1991

Architecture Projects (selection)
House F, Lochen, Upper Austria, 2006-2007
House D, Brixen/Bressanone, Alto Adige, 2004–2007
School complex in Grieskirchen, 2003
House ST, Linz, Upper Austria, 2001
Urnenhain Urfahr crematorium and cemetery facility, Linz, Upper Austria, 1999
Centre for Medical Basic Research in Graz, Styria, 1998
Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library, Japan, 1996
Country House P., Gramastetten, Upper Austria, 1992-1998
New urban complex 'Linzer Tuchfabrik,' Upper Austria, 1991
Expo Pavilion Seville '92, Spain, 1990
Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt, 1989
Synthese Museum, Vienna, 1987

Exhibitions / Group Exhibitions / Exhibition Design / Art Projects (selection)
HITCHCOCK & PAUHOF: The Wrong House, de Singel, Antwerp, Belgium, 2007
ARCHI LAB Orléans, France, 2003
Untitled, with Heimo Zobernig, Galerie Anselm Dreher, Berlin, 2002
Exhibition architecture for Yayoi Kusama, Tableaux Vivants, Walter Niedermayr,
Kunsthalle Wien, 2002
Walter Obholzer, Secession, Vienna, 2000
Samuel Beckett / Bruce Nauman, Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz, 2000
ARCHI LAB Orléans, France, 1999
Beyond the Minimal, Architectural Association London and Art Front Gallery
(Hillside Terrace), Tokyo, 1998
Partition, Galerie Museum, Bolzano, Alto Adige, 1996
Holocaust Memorial Judenplatz, with Heimo Zobernig, Vienna, 1995
PAUHOF–Wien, Fondation pour l'Architecture, Brussels, 1995
Application & Implication, Le Magasin/Grenoble, France, 1993
Deep Throat / Martin Kippenberger, Vienna, 1991

Publications (selection)
Collection du FRAC Centre. Architectures expérimentales 1950–2000, Orléans, 2003
Marie-Ange Brayer, Frédéric Migayrou, Mairie d'Orléans: ArchiLab Orléans 1999, 2000
Architectural Association: Beyond the Minimal, Current Practices 1, London, 1998
Sigrid Hauser: Sprache – z.B. Architektur, Löcker Verlag, Vienna, 1998
AR/GE Kunst Bozen (ed.): REMIXED Pauhof/Niedermayr/Hauser, Walther König, Cologne, 1998
Elena Galvagnini (ed.): PAUHOF–New Architectural Experiences in Europe, Skira editore, Milan, 1996
PAUHOF architekten, monograph, Wiese Verlag Basel, 1994

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Photo credit:
Haus D Berssanone (IT)
Photo: Matteo Piazza

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